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Well sexy school girl costumes are a piece of that memory whether or not you were a popular kid, a jock or a stoner. Memories are memories and the good ones about sex and exploration will stay with you for a lifetime and no one needs to know. So you can’t or don’t care to wear a mini skirt anymore or a crop top with front ties. Perhaps you choose to leave that in the past or perhaps you want to relive it or live it for the first time. Going through school and your own personal sexual awakening at the same time makes for some very interesting moments and I know you probably have some stories to tell you can’t or don’t want to tell your children. Nevertheless high school memories about riding the bus to a game, teasing that boy you had a crush on as he was so hot looking or fantasizing about getting in that cheer leaders pants were just one day in the life of you.

Little wonder that sexy school girl costumes continue to be the most popular costume for so many reasons. Plaid pleated mini skirts, thigh high stockings and push up bras are an almost universal image of passing through high school which you thought would never end and now wish you could relive knowing what you know now and using it then.

There are so many stories that every guy and girl has about high school that you could never hear them all but wearing some of these sexy school girl costumes will certainly help you relive the memories or even create some of your own all these years later.

Perhaps you were never sexy or slutty as a young girl and that was a good thing? Think of the fun you would have had and the guys who would have expressed interest in you if you had been. Imagine the possibilities of dressing so sexy in a short, mini skirt with your panties showing at virtually every move. Imagine wearing a tie front crop top that showed off your ample cleavage and the adoring stares you would have gotten from the guys on the football or basketball team in home room.