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There is something magical about Halloween. While it is true that adults like to celebrate this holiday because it provides a temporary escape from reality, children love it because their parents give them permission to act like kids. It is for all practical purposes, the one night of the year where kids have been given permission to run around the block begging their neighbors for candy while at the same time dressing in costumes ranging from scary to adorable.

The main problem with Halloween is that it has a strange way of sneaking up on us every year. Before we begin to think about costumes and candy it is September and we then have to spend the next two week scrambling around to find a fun?wholesale Halloween costume for our kids!

If you are like most parents, and have been struggling to select the perfect Halloween costume for your daughter, why not consider dressing her in a cute and adorable girls??fairy costume?

Little girls like dressing up. From the time she is old enough to dress herself it is almost certain that she will change her clothes more than once a day. If you have daughters then you will know what I mean. This is why fairy outfits make such great Halloween costume selections.

These super cute costumes are available in a plethora of fun styles, such as the popular white queen costume, Gothic or dark fairy costume, and Tinker Bell fairy costume. The choices are almost unlimited and are available for infants, toddlers, girls and teens of just about any shape or size.

Another reason why these costumes are so popular is because of their versatility. While they are obviously perfect for Halloween, they are also perfect for any events including school plays and ballerina recitals.

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