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 wholesale Black Widow Gown costume, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Black Widow Gown costume

Halloween is coming. It is time to dress up your teens with sexy Halloween costumes for flattering looks. Your teen will have a happy night while wearing a perfect Halloween costume.

Comic Book Heroes

Most teenagers are very familiar with comic book heroes and their costumes. It takes a little effort to put together a super-hero ensemble complete with cape, boots and a mask. Watch one of the many film adaptations of comic stories for ideas or teens can invent their own version of a comic book villain or hero.

Famous People

Many famous people in history and present-day scientists and explorers are good role models for teens — and they make interesting people to dress up as for Halloween. Teen girls can dress up as pilot Amelia Earhart with flight goggles and a bomber jacket or as scientist Marie Curie. Teen boys can wear Albert Einstein or Napolean Bonaparte costumes.

Paper Mache

Recycle old newspapers and paper plates to make paper mache costumes. Teens can use large exercise balls to mold the body for a Pac Man or Mr. Potato Head Costume. Use recycled paper plates for the eyes and ears. Paper mache can be molded into a variety of shapes and makes costumes that are light enough to wear all night. Teens can use their imagination and create unique custom-made costumes.

Vintage Costumes

Costumes from the roaring 1920s or psychedelic 1970s can be put together with clothing and accessories you may have around the house. Teen boys can borrow a suit from dad and suspenders from grandpa to make a Gatsby costume, while teen girls can wear a loose dress and plenty of pearls for a flapper girl costume. Teens can dress up in flare jeans, neon colors and a headband for a 70s look.

No matter what kind of Halloween costume you want to choose, remember to pick the one that can fits and flatter your personalities and tastes. Go and have fun in your best Halloween costume.


Women come in different body shapes and sizes. There is more to know about your body than how much you weigh and what size you wear. It is very important for you to know your body type and find what clothes will flaunt your figure. For long torso people, here are some flattering options for you.


Since a long torso has a lot of space between the bottoms of the bust-line to the top of the hip, you should select tops that add dimension and the illusion of curves. Hence, tops with cinched waists, belts, peplums and ruches can complement your long torso best. You can also select the tops with bold prints or patterns as they can create the illusion of curves and a more balanced torso area. A v-neck is a strategic way to shift the focus away from your torso area and put the emphasis on your upper half.


When it comes to dressing the bottom, anything with a high waist is helpful. High-waisted pants, jeans and short skirts wholesale conceal the reality of your long torso and bring the focus up higher. If you add a belt to these bottom styles, you will create a more balanced look to your long frame. Wearing tops and blouses that are tucked in is also a flattering way to dress your figure because it serves to outline your shape and create curves.


Dresses are a type of garment that you want to ensure fits your body shape perfectly. The dress styles that best serve your frame are those that equally create curves and add balance. Sheath, A-line, wrap, shirt, body-con and new fashion peplum dress styles all look fabulous on your long torso. As with tops and bottoms, adding a belt to any of these dresses provides an additional flattering aspect to your figure.

wholesale Black One-Side Draped Stylish Peplum Dress, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Black One-Side Draped Stylish Peplum Dress


Selecting skirts for your long torso follows similar rules to those of a dress in that the goal is to create curves and add balance. Pencil, A-line, trumpet, high-lo hems and midi styles are all skirt cuts that work wonders for your long torso; some will conceal it while others will balance it out. Skirts with texture, detailing, embellishments and patterns are also specifics you should try to incorporate to create depth and curves.


wholesale Black Onyx Ultimate V-String, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Black Onyx Ultimate V-String

When it comes to choosing sexy underwear, the comfort must come first. In fact, the underwear is very intimate for us. Hence, you are recommended to choose the one which is comfortable for you.

Actually, attractive thong can certainly provide you with much more self-confidence to show off your attractive figure. You will find a lot of sizes of attractive thongs accessible in the market to ensure that you are able to select the match one whatever the body shape. Attractive thong also comes in numerous styles and every style could make a various appear to the wearers. But there’s a typical point-the attractive thong is utilized to cover the minimal part of women’s attractive component and it’ll give an illusion of enticement to their companion.

Anytime you’re going to purchase the wholesale thongs, bear in mind that it’ll totally accentuate your figure. Don’t be too harsh about your figure. You need to think that you will be great in attractive thong. And it may be. The only factor you have to do would be to choose up an attractive thong which will make you feel distinctive. Wearing attractive thon might help improve the intimacy and excitement in between lovers.

As for males, the attractive thong is regarded as an ideal for the ladies. For example, you are able to choose a Crotchless Thong with Keyhole for the lovers. This thong is attractive sufficient for the lover to show off her sexiness.

Dear-lover is a good place for you to buy sexy thongs and you will be shocked at the sexy thong it offers to you.


wholesale Sexy Rogue Pirate Costume, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Sexy Rogue Pirate Costume

Halloween means lots of fun and sexy costumes. There is nothing sexier than a pirate costume. Whatever your pirate hero may be, you always will stand out in the crowd if you wear the right pirate costumes.

Of course, you should know how to wear the pirate costume well. Here are some basic ideas on the clothes that a pirate should wear:

Skirts – ladies who want to avoid wearing pants, the sexy short or the peasant long style skirts are a good choice. Of course, the skirt should look tattered and torn and hence don’t simply cut anywhere you like. Remember you can always wear the skirt again for another occasion, if you cut it meticulously. Or unless, you have always chosen an old skirt for the costume you don’t have to worry how to cut and make it look old.

Pants – Usually black tight pants are worn by pirates. However, if you feel that tight pants don’t work, you can use the baggy type with the bottom portion below the knee cut off. Cut it unevenly in a zigzag pattern just to give it an old look. Pants can be worn by women or men going in pirate costumes.

Shirts/Vests – These look usually like a blouse in appearance with long baggy sleeves and huge cuffs and ruffles for both men and women. Over the baggy shirt you can wear a black or a red vest with stripes that run vertically. Make sure you make the appearance of the vest to look old as well.

At last, the accessories for the pirate costume – black or brown boots, a pirate hat, hook hand, a big sash or a belt, hoop earrings, a toy sword, crossbones and skull jewelry, you can use a bandanna instead of a hat if you choose. The wig is important if you don’t have long hair and don’t forget the beads for the hair.


wholesale Purple Deep V-neck Draped Bodycon Dress, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Purple Deep V-neck Draped Bodycon Dress

So for every type of body type, there is just the suitable dress for you. Buying a right dress that fits you perfectly can enhance your confidence and make you feel attractive and charming.

Women with pear shaped body have a lot of fashion dresses to wear.   In fact, a form fitting dress is ideal for the pear shaped body type to show off the sexy part but cover up the flaw parts.

For ladies who’ve large busts. It’s advisable for them to select the dress which can give them ample assistance for the bigger busts. So selecting the dresses with much more cleavage is your great option. Perhaps you are able to turn towards the bodycon dress that is perfect to assistance your bigger busts. A beautiful pendant can attract awareness towards the region in a more refined manner. To help keep the eyes from a busty shape, find a dress with a large amount of particulars about the base hemline.

A slim figure might be granted the look of curves by wearing a dress that brings awareness to the bust or hips. An evening dress that flares out inside a bell shape in the hips produces curves. If you want to show off your slender figure rather than attempting to make it look voluptuous, it is feasible to purchase a gown with a belt or wrap surrounding the midsection. This might accentuate the smallness of that area.

An apple shaped figure that is the opposite of pear shaped, comes getting a far more substantial torso. A greater waistline will permit the gown to stream away within the upper physique as rapidly as you possibly can, camouflaging any danger places. You can consider a short dress in case you have great legs. This might lure concentrate to a great point and away from whatever you may be insecure about.

Lastly, there’s the hourglass figure. This truly is what ladies would favor to possess. When looking for an evening gown influenced by the body kind, the objective would be to balance the physique and give the appearance of an hourglass figure. Therefore, if you truly have an hourglass figure, you don’t be concerned with something at all.

With so many wholesale dresses online, you can have a lot of options to choose from. It will be easier for you to find a right piece of fashion dress if you log on our online store in