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 wholesale Stance Bondage Over the knee Tights, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Stance Bondage Over the knee Tights

Stockings are one of the most useful items for women to entice their men. In fact, sexy stockings available today have their origins in garments that were meant to be functional rather than seductive and was actually originally worn by men.

Stockings are rather sexy, but they also have a more practical purpose for many women. On the one hand, stockings promote health and cleanliness as they allow more ventilation. On the other hand, wearing stockings can make it easier to use the restroom when necessary in contrast to other garments.

There are two basic kinds of stockings available: the normal stockings and ‘stay-up’ stockings. The biggest difference between the two is that the latter stays up on its own using elastic bands while the former requires some assistance to prevent it from slipping down the leg. When it comes to sexy stockings, it is the normal stockings that usually come out in the fore. Combined with garters that keep the stockings from slipping down the leg, the combination as a whole can have a distinctly sexy and erotic effect. While the process of attaching the stockings to the garters can sometimes take some time, the aesthetic effect and response more than makes up for it.

Sexy stockings come in many different designs from the fishnet stockings to opaque single-colored stockings to those with patterns in the stocking. Whatever the case may be, stockings are not just wonderfully useful garments to increase one’s sex appeal, but it is also simple and practical enough to be used every day.