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 wholesale Black Widow Gown costume, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Black Widow Gown costume

Halloween is coming. It is time to dress up your teens with sexy Halloween costumes for flattering looks. Your teen will have a happy night while wearing a perfect Halloween costume.

Comic Book Heroes

Most teenagers are very familiar with comic book heroes and their costumes. It takes a little effort to put together a super-hero ensemble complete with cape, boots and a mask. Watch one of the many film adaptations of comic stories for ideas or teens can invent their own version of a comic book villain or hero.

Famous People

Many famous people in history and present-day scientists and explorers are good role models for teens — and they make interesting people to dress up as for Halloween. Teen girls can dress up as pilot Amelia Earhart with flight goggles and a bomber jacket or as scientist Marie Curie. Teen boys can wear Albert Einstein or Napolean Bonaparte costumes.

Paper Mache

Recycle old newspapers and paper plates to make paper mache costumes. Teens can use large exercise balls to mold the body for a Pac Man or Mr. Potato Head Costume. Use recycled paper plates for the eyes and ears. Paper mache can be molded into a variety of shapes and makes costumes that are light enough to wear all night. Teens can use their imagination and create unique custom-made costumes.

Vintage Costumes

Costumes from the roaring 1920s or psychedelic 1970s can be put together with clothing and accessories you may have around the house. Teen boys can borrow a suit from dad and suspenders from grandpa to make a Gatsby costume, while teen girls can wear a loose dress and plenty of pearls for a flapper girl costume. Teens can dress up in flare jeans, neon colors and a headband for a 70s look.

No matter what kind of Halloween costume you want to choose, remember to pick the one that can fits and flatter your personalities and tastes. Go and have fun in your best Halloween costume.