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When it comes to choosing jewelry, the reason it is so important to get it right is because with a single jewelry set it can transform your whole outfit into a classic and elegant one suitable for any occasion. But when a dress or top is too beautiful to be overpowered by a particular necklace, the most important accessory to wear turns into the earrings.
This is not a negative impact on your outfit. But as earrings are not only the item that people are most focused on when talking to you, but they can also be chosen to your benefit by complimenting your skin and hair color and making your eyes look dazzling.

wholesale Retro Imitation Jewel Earrings, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Retro Imitation Jewel Earrings

When looking at this seasons fashion earring wholesale collections, it seemed that pearls in combination with gold colors are among the favorites. If you’re thinking you’d like to follow the fashion this time of year, a good tip would be to balance out your pearls and gold with outfits of a dark shade, such as a little black dress and lace, or mix with browns which are often complemented with rich gold tones.
The effect of this seasons earrings are extremely detailed. They are mainly designed in dark or gold colors and either use small detail or big and glamorous, nothing really in-between.

When wearing a nice outfit, the best way to match your style of earrings is to always go with the opposite of what your outfits doing. If the look is overpowering or highly detailed, then go for something more subtle such as stud diamond earrings or ones of a plain design, or if your outfit looks a little bland, splash out with some huge, chandelier styles full with glitz and glam. The key is to not be afraid, if it’s in fashion, you can’t be wrong!
Earrings can be and look, but you want them to with the right combinations and attention to detail. Sometimes an outfit choice can turn out best if you start with the earrings and work your way down! With earring designs you’ll be spoilt for choice.