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wholesale Red Leggings with Sexy Insight, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Red Leggings with Sexy Insight

Leggings are tights that typically stop above the foot or include a stirrup. They hug the hips, buttocks and legs and are marketed either as undergarments or as stylish outerwear.

When shopping for wholesale women leggings, be aware of the rules for a proper fit. The legs, hips, rear and crotch should fit snugly, but comfortably. Think of the fit as slightly more loose than a pair of panty hose. If you choose scrunched leg leggings, the excess fabric, or scrunch, should be limited to the ankle area. But, keep in mind that leggings are not a suitable substitute for pants under any situation. We know you want to show off your amazing booty, but resist the urge, for fashion’s sake!

Ankle length leggings are the most widely available and most popular type. They work well during the cooler weather months providing added length for warmth.

Mid-calf leggings create a kicky, casual feel for warmer weather. Average or long legs are a must for this look. Mid-calf tights visually “cut” the legs, so petite ladies should steer clear of this trend.

Almost everyone can pull off stirrup leggings. Not my personal favorite as they remind me of the 1980’s. Nonetheless, they provide a great alternative to ankle leggings and full tights.