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 wholesale Silver Punk Diamond-Studded Lizard Ear Clip, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Silver Punk Diamond-Studded Lizard Ear Clip

Nowadays, costume jewelry is very popular among women. A piece of right costume jewelry can add beauty and elegance to a woman’s look.

What’s more, costume jewelry can highlight women’s personal style. Hence, women like to define their personality by costume jewelry. But it depends on the right style of costume jewelry they choose to wear.

   Costume jewelry wholesale is available in a large range of styles and designs and they can be made from various materials. Which style of costume jewelry you are going to choose is just depending on your personalities and tastes.

A best thing about costume jewelry is its cheap prices. In fact, the materials, such as wood, metal, glass, opal, crystal, semi-precious stones, stainless steel, etc which are being made from costume jewelry. Hence, the price of costume jewelry differs from the material it used. But it does not mean that cheap costume jewelry also comes with cheap quality. In fact, there are really a lot of online stores offering cheap costume jewelry with high quality. Therefore, you need take some time to find a good online store first. If you do not have any idea about which online store to start with, then you can just log onto where you can feast your eyes on our cheap costume jewelry with good quality.

Of course, cheap costume jewelry can be used in different occasions. Wear it to work, wear it for party, wear it for travel or wear it for a Lunch-out with Friends. While you want to look as pretty and as simple as possible on a date, you just want to have fun when out with your girlfriends. All types of costume jewelry are available on Be it bracelets, earrings, bangles, anklets or rings, it is all there. Anything you can think of, they can provide.

So, what are you waiting for?

wholesale Black Onyx Ring Chip Thong, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Black Onyx Ring Chip Thong

Thongs come in a number of different sexy designs and styles. Examples of these are G-string, V-string, Rio Thong, Tanga Thong, Cheeky Thong, and the T-string.
G-string: This thong is also called the T-back thong. It consists of only a string made of elastic. It covers the pubic area, passing between the buttocks, attached around the hips of the wearer, worn as a swimwear or underwear by women. The two terms G-string and wholesale thongs are used interchangeably commonly, but can refer to two different pieces of clothing.
V-string: This thong is also called the V shape thong. It is mainly used in a one piece bathing suit joining up the back. It is slightly a bit different from the wholesale G-string, as it gives more coverage compared to the G-string.
Rio Thong or Tonga: This thong is also called the starter thong. If you are a beginner and have no idea what type of thong you should be wearing, you then need to try the Rio thong. This thong resembles a high cut bikini and makes a nice middle garment for your body.
Tanga Thong: This thong is a similar to the G-string. The front part is covered, at the back; the material is a higher cut, bending up a few inches above the buttocks.
Cheeky Thong: This is a more conservative style of thong that covers a little more of the body. The thong exposes the bottom part of the butt but covers the upper portion.
No matter which type of thong you are going to choose, put the comfort in the priority.

wholesale Red Leggings with Sexy Insight, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Red Leggings with Sexy Insight

Leggings are tights that typically stop above the foot or include a stirrup. They hug the hips, buttocks and legs and are marketed either as undergarments or as stylish outerwear.

When shopping for wholesale women leggings, be aware of the rules for a proper fit. The legs, hips, rear and crotch should fit snugly, but comfortably. Think of the fit as slightly more loose than a pair of panty hose. If you choose scrunched leg leggings, the excess fabric, or scrunch, should be limited to the ankle area. But, keep in mind that leggings are not a suitable substitute for pants under any situation. We know you want to show off your amazing booty, but resist the urge, for fashion’s sake!

Ankle length leggings are the most widely available and most popular type. They work well during the cooler weather months providing added length for warmth.

Mid-calf leggings create a kicky, casual feel for warmer weather. Average or long legs are a must for this look. Mid-calf tights visually “cut” the legs, so petite ladies should steer clear of this trend.

Almost everyone can pull off stirrup leggings. Not my personal favorite as they remind me of the 1980’s. Nonetheless, they provide a great alternative to ankle leggings and full tights.


When it comes to choosing jewelry, the reason it is so important to get it right is because with a single jewelry set it can transform your whole outfit into a classic and elegant one suitable for any occasion. But when a dress or top is too beautiful to be overpowered by a particular necklace, the most important accessory to wear turns into the earrings.
This is not a negative impact on your outfit. But as earrings are not only the item that people are most focused on when talking to you, but they can also be chosen to your benefit by complimenting your skin and hair color and making your eyes look dazzling.

wholesale Retro Imitation Jewel Earrings, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Retro Imitation Jewel Earrings

When looking at this seasons fashion earring wholesale collections, it seemed that pearls in combination with gold colors are among the favorites. If you’re thinking you’d like to follow the fashion this time of year, a good tip would be to balance out your pearls and gold with outfits of a dark shade, such as a little black dress and lace, or mix with browns which are often complemented with rich gold tones.
The effect of this seasons earrings are extremely detailed. They are mainly designed in dark or gold colors and either use small detail or big and glamorous, nothing really in-between.

When wearing a nice outfit, the best way to match your style of earrings is to always go with the opposite of what your outfits doing. If the look is overpowering or highly detailed, then go for something more subtle such as stud diamond earrings or ones of a plain design, or if your outfit looks a little bland, splash out with some huge, chandelier styles full with glitz and glam. The key is to not be afraid, if it’s in fashion, you can’t be wrong!
Earrings can be and look, but you want them to with the right combinations and attention to detail. Sometimes an outfit choice can turn out best if you start with the earrings and work your way down! With earring designs you’ll be spoilt for choice.



wholesale Black Sexy Crotchless French Maid G-String, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Black Sexy Crotchless French Maid G-String

With regards to ladies underwear, the great factor is the fact that there’s usually something which is developed for everybody you need to know where and the way to look for it. One of the most important guidelines which will help you choose the right underwear is to choose the right size of sexy underwear which will fit you perfectly. And you can just take your measurement easily by a measurement tap.

Even though you now know your dimension, it ought to also be stored in thoughts that some sizes are somewhat larger or smaller sized compared to the other people therefore it’s recommended to possess a fitting with regards to bras. A lady with a large bust needs to consider additional care when selecting a bra; this is because they not just require some thing comfy and attractive but additionally a bra that lifts the excess weight from their backs. Following you’re lastly settled around the correct dimension, you need to then have closer appear in the materials you would like for underwear.

You’ll also find that aside from the size, you will find various shaped ladies, to choose the proper underwear you need to measure the waist, hips and thighs to ensure that the underwear is assured to mould into your distinctive form.

Specialists advise on cotton produced ladies underwear because they are comfortable and also the aerate nicely that is regarded as wholesome by each gynecologist available. The underwear materials ought to also really feel soft and comfy because they are worn straight subsequent towards the skin.

In a word, when you are going to buy sexy underwear, you need keep in mind to choose the one which fits you perfectly and will make you feel comfortable. There is a great deal of Wholesale Sexy Underwear available in the online market. Thus, it will be easier for you to find a right piece of sexy underwear to show off your sexiness. It will be easier for you if you just log on to buy your perfect underwear.