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At Halloween Day, you need to attend the Halloween party. Hence, you really want to a Halloween costume to make you stand out in the crowd. Join me in making a doctor costume this year. Making your own doctor costume for the Halloween party could not be any easier. Here are the steps.


  •  Generally speaking, you need scissors to cut things.
  •  Glue or tape – to sticks different things
  •  Thread – to sew things
  •  Sewing machine – to sew things more difficult to sew
  •  A knife – for accessories
  •  Plastic bags – for the shower caps
  •  CD – for the forehead light
  •  Carton – for accessories, not to be too hard fabric
  •  Elastic – for shower caps and pants
  •  Fabric – for clothes and accessories if you want
  •  Marker – to draw shapes


  • What type of doctor? - You have to figure out what type of doctor you are: a brain surgeon, a plastic surgeon, a general practitioner or a heart doctor. What do you like cutting up best and make your doctor costume as real as possible. You must be a competent doctor on Halloween.
  • How to make the shower caps -
    • You’ve seen shower caps at the pharmacy, the hospital, the hotel or the beauty parlor. They don’t seem so difficult to make, right?
    • In order to make a shower cap, you need a plastic bag, which you cut on the edges, where it is usually glued. It must appear as a long plastic sheet in the end.
    • Then, pick up the pair of scissors and cut a circle in that bag, a circle that would cover half the size of your head. In fact, in the end, it will have to cover your hair and your ears, so estimate it right.
    • After you cut the round shape, go with an elastic band all around the margins.
    • The margins of the round shape will have to cover the elastic, so bend them, after which take the thread and sew the margins of the plastic shape. In the end, sew the ends of the elastic band together and you should get the shower cap.
  • Let there be some light
    • Buy a CD from the stationer’s, because you cannot make one with the same effect as the original one and look for some elastic band that could go all around your head easily, even if it is shorter.
    • Then, stick the CD onto the band with some glue.
    • In the end, you have to match the elastic in such a way that that it is not too loose for your forehead.
    • Now, give it some air to dry up! That will make that weird lamp doctors always have on their forehead.
  • Lab coats - You must wear doctor clothes if you are making a doctor costume, so that would be some lab or surgical coats. For that, you need white or green fabric; hospital-like fabric.