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wholesale Lavender T-shaped Gold Accessorized Triangle Bikini,Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Lavender T-shaped Gold Accessorized Triangle Bikini

One of the things you’d need to prepare for would be figuring out which swimming outfit to wear to the beach. Now’s the perfect time to make your purchase, when bathing suits are not hot items yet and you’d be sure to score them at a discount. But if you’re tired of wearing store-bought swimwear, you do have the option to make your own. If this is the case, one of the first things you’d have to purchase will be the fabric you will use. Here are some easy tips and guidelines for buying bikini fabric:

Choose your design. Selecting the swimsuit design is perhaps the most fun part of buying bikini fabric. Know of some basic guidelines for choosing prints, patterns and colors that will suit you best. For example, closely-spaced prints and bold patterns are great for areas of your body that you want to emphasize; small prints and subdued hues are recommended for body areas that you want to tone down.

Test the fabric. Once you’ve selected your fabric, make sure that you stretch it taut for a couple of times to see if it is resilient. Do remember that you’d want your bikini fabric to be able to endure a lot: waves, water, heat, and beach sports, among others.  If possible, purchase just a little bit of every type of fabric first, for testing purposes. Once you’ve determined the best fabric for you, then you could be safe buying more of it.

Know which type of fabric to choose. Bikini and swimwear are typically made of spandex, nylon or polyester material. Spandex is great because it is highly resilient material and it easily conforms to the contours of the body. However, it does tend to be more expensive than other types. You could opt for material with combination spandex and nylon or spandex and polyester. Here’s another tip: if you plan on spending most of your swim time in a swimming pool, it’s better for you to purchase fabric with higher polyester content. If you plan on spending more time at the beach, nylon is better (it can better withstand salt water).

Know what else to buy. Apart from the bikini fabric, you’d also need the following materials to construct your bikini: swimsuit lining; durable elastic bands; and matching lightweight cloth so you could make a complementary bikini wrap.

Do remember that the more confident you feel about your appearance, chances are, the more fun you’d have for the summer too! Good luck!


At Halloween Day, you need to attend the Halloween party. Hence, you really want to a Halloween costume to make you stand out in the crowd. Join me in making a doctor costume this year. Making your own doctor costume for the Halloween party could not be any easier. Here are the steps.


  •  Generally speaking, you need scissors to cut things.
  •  Glue or tape – to sticks different things
  •  Thread – to sew things
  •  Sewing machine – to sew things more difficult to sew
  •  A knife – for accessories
  •  Plastic bags – for the shower caps
  •  CD – for the forehead light
  •  Carton – for accessories, not to be too hard fabric
  •  Elastic – for shower caps and pants
  •  Fabric – for clothes and accessories if you want
  •  Marker – to draw shapes


  • What type of doctor? - You have to figure out what type of doctor you are: a brain surgeon, a plastic surgeon, a general practitioner or a heart doctor. What do you like cutting up best and make your doctor costume as real as possible. You must be a competent doctor on Halloween.
  • How to make the shower caps -
    • You’ve seen shower caps at the pharmacy, the hospital, the hotel or the beauty parlor. They don’t seem so difficult to make, right?
    • In order to make a shower cap, you need a plastic bag, which you cut on the edges, where it is usually glued. It must appear as a long plastic sheet in the end.
    • Then, pick up the pair of scissors and cut a circle in that bag, a circle that would cover half the size of your head. In fact, in the end, it will have to cover your hair and your ears, so estimate it right.
    • After you cut the round shape, go with an elastic band all around the margins.
    • The margins of the round shape will have to cover the elastic, so bend them, after which take the thread and sew the margins of the plastic shape. In the end, sew the ends of the elastic band together and you should get the shower cap.
  • Let there be some light
    • Buy a CD from the stationer’s, because you cannot make one with the same effect as the original one and look for some elastic band that could go all around your head easily, even if it is shorter.
    • Then, stick the CD onto the band with some glue.
    • In the end, you have to match the elastic in such a way that that it is not too loose for your forehead.
    • Now, give it some air to dry up! That will make that weird lamp doctors always have on their forehead.
  • Lab coats - You must wear doctor clothes if you are making a doctor costume, so that would be some lab or surgical coats. For that, you need white or green fabric; hospital-like fabric.



Kendall Jenner and little sister Kylie Jenner opted out of wearing undergarments at the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday. Kendall Jenner’s gown sported two front slits that traveled past the 18-year-old’s pelvic bones, which left no room for panties, while 16-year-old Kylie Jenner’s sheer sequined mini-dress was less revealing, with an open back that made it impossible to wear a bra.

The reality TV stars posed with fans on the red carpet in Toronto in their very racy and revealing outfits. According to The Daily Mail Kendall Jenner wore a long sleeve cream crew neck Fausto Puglisi gown with large jewel embellishments on the arms and down the center over a purple lining. Kendall accessorized her MMVA red carpet gown with a pair of gold, strappy stilettos that tied around her ankles and a gold clutch bag.

Kendall Jenner enjoyed the shock-value of her gown with a post to Instagram that stated, “Why do one slit when you can do TWO!? #MMVAs.” And mama Jenner was quite proud of both of her daughters’ choice of red carpet fashion with her Instagram picture, which read, “You are stunning @kendalljenner and @kyliejenner!! Just beautiful! #MMVA’s.” Stunning, yes, but mildly inappropriate for the pairs’ ages that sends a message to the youth that are obsessed with all-things Kardashian. While Kendall is slightly older, and her fashion model physique supports the risqué gown, Kylie is younger and her look was a little old for her age.

Kylie Jenner returned to her dark brunette roots, and wore an orange sequined sheer-paneled optical illusion mini-dress with an open back, accessorized by nude platform heels with an ankle strap. Kylie also posted an Instagram selfie, giving fans a sneak peek into her red carpet style simply captioned, “#MMVA.”

There were multiple wardrobe changes for the Kendall sisters who co-hosted the 2014 MMVAs with a mixed bag of reviews, but the overall sentiment was to give the young girls a break, because after all, “they are only 16 and 18.” Well, then if that is the case, they should dress their age.

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With the development of internet, online shopping becomes more and more popular. Women are always crazy about the new clothes.

The world of the web will provide many more solutions than the local market if you want to shop online clothing and you should take the time to explore the options you have at hand. The high number of stores you can visit is the first factor that will contribute to the deals you can get since this is what will influence the competition among them.

The fiercer the competition will be when you shop online clothing, the surer you will be about the deals you will get in the end. This happens because every store will try to offer you a better deal than the others and the price is the first one that will go down. The more offers are available over the web, the lower the prices will be for the garments.

Online clothing stores are much better options than the local ones due to the wide range of options you can turn to when you want to find what you need. They do not have any limits when it comes to the space they have to work with and you will be able to find what you are looking for a lot faster than in any local store you will visit.

The online clothing stores also offer various tools you can use in order to search for the garments you want easier. All you will have to do is click on the products you are interested in or use a few keywords in your search as well and you will get the results you were aiming for in an instant. It will help you find what you like in no time at all.

Summer time is coming. If you want to feel stylish and comfortable in the summer time, then the maxi dresses are the best choices for you.  Putting on a dress is not going to make you look amazing, but if you will use the right accessories with it, you will surely impress people you walk by.

If you want to know which online site is good for you, you can just log onto the, where you will find all the sexy clothes you want to buy and you will get great deals from them.


wholesale Sexy Navy Color Block Lace Vintage Dress, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Sexy Navy Color Block Lace Vintage Dress

The phrase black tie in an invitation causes anxiety in some people. Suddenly, they don’t want to attend the event. But a black tie event should not be that intimidating. In fact, it should be taken as an opportunity to look regal and sophisticated. Although it is not that simple to create a black tie ensemble, it can be successfully done. Here are some rules to observe.

  • Base your dress on the party’s formality. This means that the more formal the event is the more formal and elegant the dress should be. Thus, if you are attending an event with politicians and state officials, a highly sophisticated dress is called for. The dress, in essence, should show all the elements of a black tie outfit. But if it is a birthday party or a wedding, a more relaxed black tie outfit will do. In this case, variations are allowable for as long as the dress fits the black tie definition.
  • Dress modestly. Women should especially observe modesty. In this age when women have a lot of style options, it is very easy to compromise modesty. But as a respect to the host and the nature of the event, a black tie outfit should be chosen or worn with modesty in mind. Any body part that does not need exposure should be appropriately covered or hidden.
  • Consider black tie variations. There are sartorial experts who stick to the traditional definition of black tie-tuxedo for men and long gown for women-although the modern era has provided a leeway and included dinner jackets and short dresses in the black tie definition to avoid leaving out those who can’t afford tux and long gowns. But this makes things all the more confusing. So to avoid dress blunders, it is best to ask your host what kind of black tie variation is generally expected. Foreseeing confusion, your host might have even indicated in the invitation other black tie options: black tie optional and black tie preferred.
  • Look for an ensemble to copy. If you have a vague idea of the black tie outfit look or don’t have any ability to mix and match, the best thing you can do is to look for model ensembles in fashion magazines and websites.

Although it is important to look stylish, comfort should be your foremost priority when wearing a black tie outfit. It should allow you to confidently move around and get you through the whole event. After all, what good is a black tie outfit if you cannot sashay with it all night?