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wholesale White Vintage Lace Necklace with Pearl Detail, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale White Vintage Lace Necklace with Pearl Detail

Pearl necklace is most common fashionable pearl jewelry, usually pearl are stringed together carefully and properly, each pearl in one necklace must match each other, it is to say that the pearls in a pearl necklace are selected carefully buy the jewelry , they are almost in the same size, same quality and have same luster to makes up a pearl necklace , the pearls are stringed and hand-kotted with the silk thread together to keep the pearl necklace can wear for a long time

Pearl jewelry are usually created using different kinds of materials such as metals, gems and stones to string the pearls into a simple necklace ends with a sterling silver lobster clasp is a most common design. Pearl jewelry combine with Yellow man made amber beads, 11-13 mm wine red blister pearl and 9-10 mm white nugget pearl, 13*18mm amethyst beads, accented by a large man made amber pendant is a pearl jewelry full of color , it good for the lady who want to get more eye-catching to wear. the dyed color pearls with the blue turquoise , red coral, purple amethyst is also the most common design.
To choose a pearl necklace match your clothes truly can enhance the beauty and style of a woman, the pearl jewelry is one of the best gifts you could give to yourself or to our loved ones. Just remember that pearl jewelry need to carefully care. If you do buy or receive some pearl jewelry, you remember that Pearls are organic gemstones that are vulnerable to acid, alkaline and different humidity levels. use the soft cloth or a silicon cloth to wipe the pearls after wearing them is a very good habit.