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wholesale Green Beads Lace Bracelet with Rose, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Green Beads Lace Bracelet with Rose

There are a whole lot of types of jewelry that you can buy. Many might be sitting in your jewelry box as you read this. From gold to platinum, silver to diamonds, gemstones to costume jewelry, each piece has a reason for being in your collection. If you love your jewelry enough to keep it stored and safe, then you should also love it enough to keep it clean. Below are five tips to keeping different types of jewelry clean:
1.Diamonds: Keeping diamonds clean is easier than you think. Diamonds are the hardest substance on the earth. They don’t chip or scratch very easily, though you should still take excellent care of them in order to help them maintain their luster. Nothing is more embarrassing than someone wanting to admire your diamond ring and it barely sparkling because it hasn’t been cleaned. Keep your diamonds clean by gently using a worn toothbrush or similar item with warm water and soap to remove grime and dirty that builds up in the settings, then using a soft cloth to polish the stone itself.
2.Silver: Sterling silver is a wonderful metal that matches with almost every stone known to man. Due to its abundance and the fact that it is much cheaper than gold or other metals, it has become quite popular. Sterling silver is a very soft metal, meaning that it can easily get scratched and become dull. Therefore, you have to take extra precautions when cleaning your jewelry that is silver. Use a soft cloth specifically designed for silver. If you must, use a cloth with warm soap and water mixture to clean first, then dry and polish.
3.Pearls: The classic strand of pearls around the neck evokes images of Jackie O and other style icons. They always looked radiant, and so did their pearls. The reason is because they knew never to use solvents or anything harsh when cleaning your pearl jewelry. The oils from your skin normally build up on items like silver or diamonds, but on pearls they help keep them moist, something which is much needed to keep them looking their best. Using even soap and water will strip the pearls of these oils, so don’t use it. Just use a dry, soft cloth to buff them a bit and you are done.