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I was one of the many ladies who kept How to Get Away With Murder on after Scandal and I’m officially impressed. It was creepier than I’d anticipated, but Viola Davis was as wonderful as ever and made a fierce boss lady (I’d be way more terrified of her than Olivia Pope, just saying). Nikki watched with a gaggle of girlfriends and said they all couldn’t stop buzzing over how amazing Annalise’s sharp sheaths were. Where Olivia kinda owns the matching pantsuit, there’s now a lady teaching law in Philly who’s all about the tailored dress.


One of the cardinal rules of signature style is when you have your look, stick with it. We’re only one episode in, so maybe we’ll see that Annalise’s closet is full of all kinds of stuff, but for now, it was all about the smart silhouette of a hemline that hit right under the knee (a.k.a. the most flattering spot in history) and a sharp upper half. Whether she was teaching or attending a cocktail party, her outfits had all the same elements.


Did you watch the premiere? Hooked already?


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New York fashion week’s runway shows, presentations, endless parties, modeling moments, gossip galore, and beyond can be a lot to take in. And sometimes the best tidbits get lost in the fray. But nothing escapes the team’s sharp eyes (or ears, for that matter). So every day, we’ll be revealing the best five things we saw, heard, and learned at fashion week. Catch up on Day 6, below.

The looks at Rodarte yesterday confirmed those Mad Max fashion predictions that have been swirling around. (Side note: Before you go piercing the hell out of your eyebrows, know that makeup artist James Kaliardos achieved the look with C-shaped rings and glue.’s Amber Kallor got the full scoop.)

The reggae soundtrack at Sophie Theallet’s show was pretty groovy. “[It] was just the thing to lift the spirits on a gray and rainy fashion-week afternoon. It helped that the clothes were pretty ace, too,” said’s Maya Singer.

While the main events yesterday were big names like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Oscar de le Renta, and Narciso Rodriguez, you might have missed a new one on the schedule: Britney Spears. The pop star-slash-designer showed her debut lingerie line at the New York Public Library, where she was on hand but didn’t actually speak. Instead, a recorded voice-over of her talking about the collection was played. Hmm….

In case you missed it, denim has been all over the streets this week. But it’s not just any denim—the perfectly distressed and fringed jeans pieces you’ve been seeing on Tommy Ton’s street-style stars are by Marques’Almeida. They’re everywhere.

It was a battle of the booties last night at Fashion Rocks. Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj were both on hand to perform and show off their backsides in butt-baring ensembles. And, not to be outdone, Justin Bieber did a striptease.

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