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wholesale Wicked Dragon T-shirt, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Wicked Dragon T-shirt

If you intend to sew a T-shirt, you must trace a shirt pattern first. The success of your project will always depend on how well you make your pattern. Thus, it is necessary that you are knowledgeable in terms of doing this task correctly. If not, it will be impossible for you to create even a single perfect piece. To help you with this purpose, follow the steps below in tracing out a T-shirt pattern:

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There was so much attention paid to last night’s SAG Awards that Saturday’s PGA Awards managed to slip by without too much commentary and, frankly, I can’t let that happen. To start with, Jennifer Lawrence pulled out one of her sexiest red carpet dresses yet, and Reese Witherspoon wore pants. Yup.


Jen opted for a plunging neckline with sparkly accents at the waist and shoulders, and the pale color made the look a little ethereal (even with that high leg slit). For extra bling, she wore rose gold, sapphire, and tanzanite earrings from Irene


Kerry Washington looked elegant in this column dress with a black banded top and floral printed bottom. The fabric appears to be brocade, and the heavy feel of it instantly adds a luxe touch.


There was a ton of sparkle coming from Felicity Jones too, who picked this silvery long-sleeve ball gown that looks like it’s embellished and beaded everywhere a stick could be sewn.


Are you as surprised as I am by the chic-casual trousers look Reese worked? She’s such a feminine dresser, it’s a surprise to see her give up a cocktail frock, and while I like it, it does feel a little bit casual (especially contrasted against Jennifer or Felicity).


My final must-mention was from Christian Serratos, an actress from The Walking Dead, who looked stunning. I’m partial to dove gray for evening, but the bottom half of this Tony Ward dress, with its geometric accents and sheer peek, was too pretty.

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wholesale Plus Size Black Sheerly Seductive Sexy Gown, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Plus Size Black Sheerly Seductive Sexy Gown

When it comes to choosing plus size lingerie, you’d better take cues from your body type. Here are some suggestions.

Great bust line: Choose v-necked gowns, halter tops or Grecian-wrapped bodices. An empire waist begins to spill down from just under your breast—it’s a high-waisted look and camouflages a larger belly. Look for articles that have good bra support such as an underwire. The higher your breast, the younger you look. Bustiers or corsets promise a sexier look, will lift and hold in the midsection—most have bones, lifts or strings—and aren’t very comfortable.

Nice shoulders but heavy arms: Choose wide straps that drop straight down with folds or rushing. You may want a floating sleeve or a lace sleeve. Look at chemises or gowns with sleeves that are dolman, lantern or 3/4 cut. Avoid spaghetti straps.

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If you are looking for fashion wears that can give you an impression of a bit naughty, daring, and sexy, leather lingerie is your best choice. These are pretty comfy suits and are available in lithe and supple options. Wearing leather sexy garb can be somewhat a lot to pull off. One is required to deliver much charm and even more confidence to successfully get away with it. So only if you believe you have the confidence needed – in your personality and the lingerie’s style – should you consider and actually wear leather lingerie. As it is, such bed apparel has the extraordinary quality to reflect your style, your figure, and your allure.

People always try to make their lives special and different. To reach such an aim, many things can be helpful. As the saying goes, if a lady wants to change her mood, she may change her clothes. This is true. Special clothing sometimes can turn people on. Here let us talk about the sexy lingerie. Usually, people choose lingerie which is made of silk, cotton, or fabrics. But sometimes choosing some leather lingerie to widen your lingerie collection can bring something more special to your sexy life.

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Did you know there are several different types of diamond stud earrings? Stud earrings are the most popular type of diamond earring sold today, even though there are many other styles to choose from. Diamond stud earrings are elegant but simple in design, which is one thing that makes them so popular.

The shape of the diamond, the size of the carat along with the metal used for the setting are the three things that help make up the different types of diamond studs sold. Below is a description of each of these features and how they affect your choice when buying earrings.

The Shape of Diamonds

Some people mistake the cut of the diamond for the shape, but there is a big difference. The cut refers to the amount of facets and the way these facets are proportions in the diamond when it is finished. The shape refers to the actual shape the diamond appears in after it is finished.

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