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wholesale Black Asymmetrical Pullover Sweater, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Black Asymmetrical Pullover Sweater

Washing the sweaters needs special attention, mistreatment of the sweater will make them rough and hard, really uncomfortable to be used. Here are some guides on to maintain your sweater. 

HAND WASHING SWEATERS of Orion and nylon is also preferred, and is a must for those ornamented with sequins or other delicate trimmings. The rules are the usual ones for synthetics: warm water, strong detergent, or soap plus a softener, no strenuous rubbing, scrubbing, or twisting. A little soft brush, gently used, is very effective for spots. Follow the washing with a thorough rinsing in warm water. The addition of a fabric softener such as Sta-Puf or Nu-Soft to the final rinse water is recommended to keep these sweaters soft. Directions on the container will tell you how much to use. When you remove your sweater from the final rinse water, squeeze out excess water gently then spread it flat to dry. While spreading the sweater flat is the preferred method of drying, hangers can be used. Let it drip dry and it will still keep its shape. Orion and nylon sweaters do not shrink.

MACHINE-WASHING SWEATERS. If you decide to use your washer to launder sweaters, here are suggestions from the DuPont Company. Set the washer for a five to eight minute wash cycle and, after the last rinse (before the spin dry cycle), stop the machine and take the sweaters out dripping wet and dry them as described for hand laundering. If you use a home dryer, let the sweaters go through the spin dry cycle, and then dry them at a low temperature setting for about twenty minutes. Remove them immediately at the end of the drying cycle. 

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