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wholesale Black Metallic Multiway Midi Bodycon Dress, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Black Metallic Multiway Midi Bodycon Dress

At the recent TRIC Awards in London, model and reality TV star Amy Childs showed off her stunning figure in a white and red bodycon dress and red heels. Her look met with very approving reviews across the board. Nevertheless, Childs was not alone. Many more of the female celebrities donned equally stunning clothing. And at the Oscars in Hollywood a couple of weeks back, there was certainly no shortage of great bodycon dresses either.

The thing you need to know is that the bodycon dress is not just for celebrities and high society types. It is for any woman who wants to make a statement that others are sure to remember for a long time. If you have a good sense of fashion, you can create your own red carpet with a hot dress that shows you’re all woman, from top to bottom.

Why the Bodycon?

What is it about the bodycon dress that makes it so popular? To answer that question, just stop a moment and analyse the term ‘bodycon’. It is a term used to describe a piece of clothing that fits tightly to the individual contours of the female form. Women who choose bodycon dresses do so because they have contours they want to show off.

Obviously, this type of dress isn’t for everyone. There are some women whose body style works well with more loosely fitting clothing – perhaps an elegant evening gown or an extravagant cocktail dress. However, for the woman who can pull it off, a contour-hugging dress with a set of high heels presents a smoking hot look that will have all eyes fixed on her.

What Are the Right Occasions?

As exciting and eye opening as bodycon dresses are, they are not appropriate for every occasion. For example, do not wear one to a funeral no matter how much you’re dying to show off how much weight you’ve lost over the winter. It is simply not appropriate in that type of environment. You can also forget about the bodycon dress for children’s birthday parties, baptisms, or any other occasion where your figure should not be the centre of attention.

That being said, a bodycon dress is very appropriate for a night on the town with your significant other. Wear it to the opera, to your favourite fancy restaurant, to a live theatre show or even a cocktail party. When the setting is appropriate, you will become the star of your own red carpet complete with plenty of onlookers who cannot take their eyes off you. That’s the whole point of the bodycon dress, isn’t it? has a full line of provocative bodycon dresses in various colours and styles. What’s more, you’ll love our prices. We are your one-stop shopping for cheap clothing that is not made cheaply. We invite you to take a look at our full line of dresses, tops, trousers, shoes, and accessories. iKrush has everything you need to look and feel your best.


 wholesale Royal Blue Lace Up V Neck Sleeveless Jumpsuit, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Royal Blue Lace Up V Neck Sleeveless Jumpsuit

If you are pondering on options to get the best dresses for casual occasions, you can try the women jumpsuits. The jumpsuit is not new in our society rather it has deep rooted history in our culture before the stitch work of clothes.
The automation and technology upgrades the designing knitting, and stitching work, and enables manufacturer to produce more colourful and elegant designs for the customers. The online market has vast variety of stores accumulating dresses in different colours, sizes and designs in abundance.

Women party jumpsuits are famous for their high quality fabrics, durability and availability of several designs. Since it is quite different from other clothes, it captures attention of the people. However, wearer must know how to choose the suits that adds beauty to the personality. The foremost step while shopping for dresses is to determine the available budget that you have set for your dress shopping.

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wholesale Black Lace Up Playsuit with Gold Rings Detail, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Black Lace Up Playsuit with Gold Rings Detail

Vintage clothes are not easy to find and are not usually reasonably priced. You should understand that this is logical because such items are rare finds. If your wardrobe’s profile is bolstered by several vintage fashion and accessories, you should strive harder to make sure your investment would last longer.
To take care of vintage coats and jackets, remember the golden rule: do not store them in any plastic bag. Always remember that wool and many other natural fabrics should be able to breathe. Thus, the best practice is to store them in fine fabric dress bags. Before keeping them for some time, make sure they are clean and are free from any spot or stain. Have a reputable and reliable dry cleaner take care of cleaning them. To drive away insects like moth, put several sachets of rosemary and mint, which are good insect repellants.

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By the time you turn 30, there’s a whole host of life experiences you’ve likely had (some you wanted, some you could do without). And while a life-long bucket list has plenty of soul-searching type items to tick off, it’s not fair to ignore the importance of your closet. When you enter your fourth decade of life, there are some pieces you ought to have found because, honestly, they make the style part of life easier. See what from our list you’ve already found, and if you’re still searching, let us know in the comments—we’d love to help!

1. A work bag
The majority of purses aren’t meant to last forever. They sustain wear and tear or can fall victim to a particularly nasty spill (ink! red wine! pasta sauce!). Others you bought as a trend piece and eventually start to feel tired. But by thirty? You should have a solid work bag in your rotation: It’s roomy enough for papers, looks structured enough to bring to a professional meeting or job interview, and shows that you’re successful enough to have splashed out a little.

2. Comfortable, neutral heels or flats
From jeans to a cocktail dress, everything in your closet matches with these babies. You can pull them on without thinking whether they’ll match, and, blessedly, they’re comfortable (both because they work for your foot shape and because they’ve been properly broken in). For plenty of women, it’s a pair of black or beige heels, but classic pointy-toe flats can fit the bill too.

3. A simple, tailored dress
It’s the clothing version of the aforementioned shoes that fits you perfectly and makes for a good palette to dress up or down with different accessories or a blazer (or motorcycle jacket). Need something for a last-minute cocktail party? Done. Just got asked to attend a nice sit-down dinner with clients? Perfecto.

4. Something you feel confident in
Really, this one is so up to you. The piece itself can range between any category imaginable, whether a dress, a simple top, or a pair of amazing shoes. Whatever it is, it’s become a piece you can count on for an instant dose of personal pizzazz and a boost of confidence.

5. Something you feel sexy in
Re-read everything from the above description. This is the same sort of decided-by-you category, though it’s less about impressing your boss and more about feeling like you look like a sensual goddess. And yeah, it can be a super-steamy little black dress, but it can also be an oversize cardigan that slips off your shoulder just so or a pair of jeans that makes you butt look good.

6. An evening bag
Unless you find yourself attending a slew of formal parties for work or personal reasons, you really only need one good clutch or minaudière. Your chosen piece should be small enough to not be bulky, but large enough to fit the basics. Keeping it fairly simple means it’ll match with everything, but do look for something that makes you smile with a special detail (be it a fun embellishment or a spot of fringe).

7. Jeans you love
By age 30, you’ve had a lot of jeans, some good, some bad. And now you should have landed on a brand that just works with your body. It’s different for everyone, and shopping trial and error is the only way to get there. Once you find your jeans, stick with them.

8. A great coat
The down-filled puffer coat is awesome on a sub-zero type of day, but relying on it as your only piece of outerwear is something that should end with college. Nothing signals grown-up style quite like a tailored coat. Make yours last forever by looking for a well-tailored piece with clean lines.

9. A good bra
And it doesn’t have to be pricey, but should fit properly and work with your ladies (ahem, did you know there are seven different types of breasts, with ideal bra shapes for each?).

10. An investment piece
There’s a special feeling that comes with identifying something you really want, saving up, and then—hurrah!—buying it. At this age, you’ve probably moved up a few notches professionally and received a few raises here and there. As such, let yourself have a big-girl purchase. Whether it’s a pair of classic Louboutins or a nice pair of earrings you know you’d wear on the daily, set aside a bit of cash each month and then go for it, knowing you’ll wear them for the next four decades.

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When you think of Margaret Thatcher, fashion is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind. But as it turns out, style was an integral part of the British Prime Minister’s childhood, and later adulthood, as you can see in highlights from the Christie’s auction, “Mrs. Thatcher: Property from the Collection of the Right Honorable The Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, LG, OM, FRS.” In between, say, leading England through financial crisis or managing international relations with Russia and China like it’s no big deal, the Iron Lady was actually an early adopter of the power suit and the statement bag.

In an interview in Vogue in 1985, Thatcher talked about her mother being a professional dressmaker and the impact fashion has had on her life. “[I was] brought up to know the importance of cut,” she said, adding that “anything I can do to highlight the spotlight on British fashion, I do.” She favored Brit brands such as Aquascutum and Francois Neckar and handbags by Launer.


Margaret Thatcher in a power suit and signature pearls.

Christie’s gave us a preview of some of the most stylish and significant lots in the auction, which will take place in London on December 15, and now you’ve got another reason to look up to England’s first female Prime Minister.


Thatcher’s midnight blue velvet wedding dress from 1951 had a matching muff and feathered cap. It’s said to be inspired by a Gainsborough painting of Giorgiana Duchess of Devonshire.


Thatcher’s Prime Ministerial Dispatch Box was used to cart off speeches.





There’s lots of art deco fine jewelry in the sale. Thatcher wore this diamond brooch, circa 1800, in her official portrait.


Talk about fashion history!