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Blue Destroyed Boyfriend Skinny Jeans, Destroyed Boyfriend Skinny Jeans

Stylish Blue Destroyed Boyfriend Skinny Jeans

Women’s wardrobe can’t be complete without a pair of jeans. No matter whether you are a 6 feet tall girl or you fall in the category of petite women, jeans is a must have clothing for all. Well, buying jeans for short women has always been tricky, due to the tough task of finding the right piece for their height and body. So you might ask how to buy the best jeans for short women? Well, there are actually a few things you need to consider while shopping for one. Here are some tips for all you short ladies that will definitely help you pick and pack the right piece.

Which Jeans to Pick?

* Jeans with straight legs are one of the best pick for petite women. These give a vertical look to the legs that help short women look leaner and taller. Make sure, you go for the right length. * If you are thin or medium sized, skinny jeans is the right piece for you. Many brands have specially designed skinny jeans for short women which you can try out for the right fit. Skinny jeans will instantly give you a taller appearance. Here’s more about how to wear skinny jeans. * A slight boot cut is just okay. This is perfect type of jeans for short women having triangle or hourglass shaped figures. Remember, a slight boot cut! * While finding jeans for short women with fuller figure, the wide leg styles can be considered. The wide leg trouser style jeans will give a proportionate look to your figure. You must avoid the slim cut. * Short women with smaller hips can go for the low-rise jeans with straight leg or a slight boot cut.

What Type of Jeans you should Not Opt For?

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