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There is nothing quite as sweet (and dangerous) as buying your loved one lingerie. What it says is “You’re physically attractive to me and I want to see more!” Of course, this attraction-factor also makes buying lingerie hard, because if you get it wrong and it doesn’t make your loved one stunningly beautiful, you’re likely to end up defusing a volatile situation. This doesn’t have to happen. With a few tips to buying your woman (or man) lingerie, you can find just the right piece.

The first thing to remember when shopping for lingerie is to remember who you’re shopping for. Just because you might like that lacy, stringy black teddy doesn’t mean she will. Find out what she likes. You should have a general idea, but if you don’t, there’s no shame in admitting it. Take a peek in her underwear drawer. Look in her closet. Ask her. Talk to her mother. How you find out isn’t important. If you find that she’s a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal, don’t go out and buy her a see-through teddy with spaghetti straps. Does she like tight clothes? She may enjoy wearing something form-fitting, like a Lycra or spandex teddy. She might also like corsets or bustiers that flatter her figure.

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Sexy Strapless Floral Watermark Print Midi Dress

Sexy Strapless Floral Watermark Print Midi Dress

Right dress for right body shape always makes you look stylish. If you wear any dress which is not made for your body shape so you look fat or thin over and all fashion disaster. In the world of fashion everything you wear is right, but all you have to do is to look glamorous at right place in right attire. If you want a simple and sober personality, but not stylish so have a touch of pleasant clothes and accessories in your style statement. Fashion can fade away, but style is infinite.

Tips to Dress for Your Body Type

Pear Shaped Body

A defined waistline, narrow shoulder, small bust and full thighs are the signs of pear shaped body. All the girls who blessed with this shape have a great waistline. Cotton or khaki pants with loose flowing fabrics. Blazers and jackets. If you want to accessorizing yourself so wear silk scarves around your neck if you are willing to hide the attention from your tummy. Even you can carry a leather handbag and hold it above your waist to flaunt the part of you.

Diamond Shaped Body

Narrow shoulders, generous hips,  thighs and small bust are highlight point of Diamond Shaped Body. If you want  to hide attention from your thighs and hips to face so wear long skirts, long flowing dresses, short dresses. Shirts, tube tops and boat necks will directly shift the focus from your bottom to your face. Always remember one thing that you are the owner of a beautiful body so maintain it with your own style.

Round shaped body

If you have round shape figure so wear anything with confidence ! A round shaped body has a full bust, heavy bottom and full hips and thighs. Tight-fitted clothes avoid them or try not to wear them. What to wear is collared t-shirts, straight cut pants, V necked tops and boat neck tops are the great choice on you. If you carry handbag hold it at the waist or the lower than it.

Inserted triangle shaped body

Long and short skirts, A-line dresses, denim, waistline, belts and tunics are the best options for bust line, broad shoulder, narrow hips and well-shaped legs inverted triangle shaped body.

Straight shaped body

No difference between upper and lower part of the body. Avoid wearing belts and add low waist denims with well fitted t-shirts is the best outfit for casual wear. Long and short skirts will give you pretty look.

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Who’s ready for some ’90s grunge? Taylor Swift is. Not to mention Selena Gomez, Michelle Williams, and Alicia Vikander, who have all released their inner Nirvana fan—from the ankle down, at least.

Their most recent style redux from the decade? Chunky hiking booties—yep, the ones you lived in from 1993 to, oh, about 1997 or so. Taylor has been wearing hers all week, while Selena, Michelle, and Alicia wore versions by Louis Vuitton to the Met Gala on Monday. (Yes, they wore boots to the most glam night of the year—and they looked awesome.) We love how the girls paired theirs with midis and maxis, but they work with jeans too of course.

And we’re predicting it now: These are the boots that’ll be everywhere in the fall. Go ahead, and hold us to it, come September. We stand by this trend all the way.

Here’s how the pros did it:


Taylor Swift in her Louis Vuitton hiking boots.


Selena Gomez, Alicia Vikander, and Michelle Williams at the Met Gala.
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