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Back in February, we called “dressed-up bohemian” one of fall 2016′s most wearable trends. Six months later, the window of opportunity to actually test run the look IRL has finally come. So what’s it all about? Think: Florence Welch-worthy fashion dresses in voluminous shapes and bold prints, nipped in at the waist by a sturdy leather belt. Depending on what the weather is doing that day, you may to choose to finish the look with barely there sandals and dainty jewelry, or sturdy leather ankle boots and a ’70-style shoulder bag. That’s why we deemed it wearable way back when: The look works in practically any weather.

Fit the belt to your natural waist, and keep accessories simple and the dress will take center stage. The same goes for your beauty look too. As Diane Kruger, Olivia Palermo, and Zoe Saldana prove, a super-shiny blow-out and slightly smoky eye makeup adds a sultry twist without trying to compete with the dress’s bold print.

Here are a few to get you started. When it comes to fall trends, you can worry about outerwear later. For now, just enjoy this moment of simplicity, affordability, and mind-blowing prettiness.

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Stylish Gold Metal Embellished Detail White Bandage Dress

Stylish Gold Metal Embellished Detail White Bandage Dress

As we all know, the white stands for purity and simplicity. However, white can also represent fashion especially when they know fully how to make the perfect models and styles of clothing that you can customize a lot of your complexion, size and shape to choose.
Therefore, you do not choose a white bandage dress. You can choose a dress with great designs and color combinations. Make sure that may also suit your complexion and should be extremely careful to models that will have the opportunity to be present.
For example, you can attend their first prom, and prefer to go dressed in white, make sure that you choose a model that is largely completed the event, he will visit the night. It can be provided simply, they are competent enough that you can easily wear the garment.
Bandage white dresses can fit almost any occasion, so that women who have these clothes as clear thinking, how ridiculous and completely false. It’s true that can be white clothes so clear, but may for simple and looks very fashionable for every woman. Typically, a style, design and color of a specific dress based on the fact of wearing. If you selected a specific costume, you must ensure that it is perfect because it is the great mystery of the representation of a stylish and fashionable, what design and colors.




The Kardashian-Jenner sisters (and their various BFFs) have helped make head-to-toe neutrals and dusty earth tones a normal part of getting dressed in 2016. But full-on, top-to-bottom, look-at-me color? That’s a bold move few are willing to make.

Fearless types like Heidi Klum, Rita Ora, and Solange Knowles have taken the Crayola challenge this summer and knocked it out of the park. All three women stuck with clean, modern pieces and limited their accessories to basically nothing in order to keep things elegant and sophisticated. Simple makeup and natural hair also helped. That’s a trick fashion girls love: Tone down the hair and makeup in order to make room for loud-and-proud clothes.

Feeling this bold trend? We love the idea of using one of Pantone’s fall 2016 trending colors as inspiration for a head-to-toe look. From Bodacious—a bright, rich purple—to Spicy Mustard—a zesty yellow—there are some really unexpected hues in the lineup that’d be fun to see in a matchy-matchy scenario.

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Women might be running around in casual clothes like crazy, but today’s pieces are nothing like the velour track suits and bedazzled loungewear of the ‘00s. They’re way sexier, for one, more about personal style than showing off labels. Take the basic sweatshirt, for instance. Off-duty style icons like the Kardashian-Jenner and Hadid sisters are wearing them in exaggerated proportions—either shrunken or oversized—mixed with slightly dressier staples like heeled boots, leather skirts, and skinny jeans.


Compare these looks with the shapeless zip-up, bedazzled hoodies of yesteryear—which were commonly worn with distressed, boot-cut jeans (c’mon, we all had a pair)—and it’s clear that today’s version is a little more, shall we say, elevated.


You might be thinking: But can I pull this off? The answer is yes. Remember that you don’t have to go quite as cropped as Gigi and Kendall (a sweatshirt that hits at the natural waist will give off a similar vibe), or quite as sexy as Kourtney and Bella (add skinny black jeans for a little more coverage). Basically, as long as you don’t look like you’re about to hop on a red-eye, you’re firmly in the 2016 zone.

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Classic Black White Bandage Cocktail Party Skirt Set Dropship

Classic Black White Bandage Cocktail Party Skirt Set Dropship

As we all know, the cocktail dresses are ideal to any occasion. They are also perfect for women to show off their beauty and charm.

In fact, cocktail dress is one of the most versatile dresses that woman wear at cocktail parties or semi-formal occasions which take place in the late afternoon or early evening. They can really help women to make a fashion statement.

General speaking, the length of cocktail dress varies depending on fashion and local custom. It ranges from just above the knee to touching the ankle. When the length is 2 inches above the ankle it is called tea length which is usually worn elsewhere. However, the shorter-length cocktail dresses are now much more sought-after to be donned at semi-formal occasions such as black tie events.

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