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Women might be running around in casual clothes like crazy, but today’s pieces are nothing like the velour track suits and bedazzled loungewear of the ‘00s. They’re way sexier, for one, more about personal style than showing off labels. Take the basic sweatshirt, for instance. Off-duty style icons like the Kardashian-Jenner and Hadid sisters are wearing them in exaggerated proportions—either shrunken or oversized—mixed with slightly dressier staples like heeled boots, leather skirts, and skinny jeans.


Compare these looks with the shapeless zip-up, bedazzled hoodies of yesteryear—which were commonly worn with distressed, boot-cut jeans (c’mon, we all had a pair)—and it’s clear that today’s version is a little more, shall we say, elevated.


You might be thinking: But can I pull this off? The answer is yes. Remember that you don’t have to go quite as cropped as Gigi and Kendall (a sweatshirt that hits at the natural waist will give off a similar vibe), or quite as sexy as Kourtney and Bella (add skinny black jeans for a little more coverage). Basically, as long as you don’t look like you’re about to hop on a red-eye, you’re firmly in the 2016 zone.

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