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wholesale Plus Size Black Sheerly Seductive Sexy Gown, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Plus Size Black Sheerly Seductive Sexy Gown

When it comes to choosing plus size lingerie, you’d better take cues from your body type. Here are some suggestions.

Great bust line: Choose v-necked gowns, halter tops or Grecian-wrapped bodices. An empire waist begins to spill down from just under your breast—it’s a high-waisted look and camouflages a larger belly. Look for articles that have good bra support such as an underwire. The higher your breast, the younger you look. Bustiers or corsets promise a sexier look, will lift and hold in the midsection—most have bones, lifts or strings—and aren’t very comfortable.

Nice shoulders but heavy arms: Choose wide straps that drop straight down with folds or rushing. You may want a floating sleeve or a lace sleeve. Look at chemises or gowns with sleeves that are dolman, lantern or 3/4 cut. Avoid spaghetti straps.

If your waist makes you an hourglass shape, emphasize it by choosing garments that have bands, ties, color patterns or swatches of cloth at the waistline. In daytime wear it would be belts, buckles, and wraps but ornamentation might stand in for lingerie details instead.

For thighs with rolls or bumps, venture away from high-cut legs, thongs and the like, and choose long tap pants, full long pants, or floating wide-leg styles.

Pick colors that highlight your best features—make them light, rich or patterned. Choose dark, romantic hues to discourage eye detail. They are black, burgundy or navy.

Choose fabrics that work with you. Shiny satins, charmeuse and shiny velour show bumps, whereas a smooth jersey knit will not.

Look for stretch in satin, lace, nylon, knits and even heavier fabrics like velvet for winter. A fabric like straight cotton, silk, chiffon or jacquard are often not available with spandex or Lycra® and if they don’t fit, you’re out of luck.



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