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White Sheer Eyelash Lace Sultry Bralette Top

White Sheer Eyelash Lace Sultry Bralette Top

Have you ever thought to yourself, how does sexy lingerie really work with the opposite sex? To find out that answer you may just need to ask a man or if you really do not want to do than, then simple read this article to find out.

The answer to that question is that throughout the ages, lingerie has been designed to make women look sexy, which is, of course, the practical value. The goal of the massive lingerie industry is to create underwear that looks sexy, while still remaining practical. For years, they could not seem to put the two together and for the most part, lingerie accentuated the parts of the woman’s body that it was intended to accentuate. However, it was also extremely painful and can be at times down right dangerous.

Women had to go through torturous trussing of their tightly-laced torsos to make themselves look sexy, which gave them control, but absolutely no comfort. The lingerie industry was not really an industry in those days, but then they did not really achieve their goal, either. In fact, they only got halfway, but they were dictated to by the fashion experts, and if they wanted to make money, then they had to create what women wanted.

The lingerie industry today has come a long way since the whale-boned corsets. The lingerie they make today is definitely sexy, and it is definitely comfortable as well as successful. In 2003, according to the NPD Group, a marketing information company, Americans spent over four billion dollars on bras. The NPD Group also found that lingerie sales in general were up five percent in 2003, which is quite surprising, seeing as how the overall clothing industry was down four percent, but women are feeling more freedom and expressing themselves accordingly.

Sexy lingerie can be seen all over the place, at small specialty shops, at large department stores, in mail-order catalogs, on-line and there is no shortage of choices when it comes to sexy underwear. You can buy sexy bras, sexy panties, sexy nylon stockings, and even whole outfits. Through all this, the lingerie industry continues to give people what they want, no matter what it is. There are three kinds of lingerie, catering to different markets, which are sensible, sexy, and naughty lingerie.

Sensible lingerie is the kind that is more practical than sexy, and is bought for exactly that purpose. Women who buy this kind are not necessarily not sexy. In fact, they just believe that there is a time and a place for everything, and when they wear sensible lingerie, you can be sure that it is not the time or the place.

Sexy lingerie is the kind that is worn by women who want the practicality of everyday underwear, but also like the idea that they are wearing something sexy that nobody else knows about. It gives them a sense that they have a sexy side waiting to emerge, even though they have to act practical throughout the day. For many women, it is a great confidence-builder.

Naughty lingerie is the kind of lingerie that is to be worn on special occasions only. Unless, of course, you are an exotic dancer, in which case you wear it at work every day. Naughty lingerie is usually reserved for those special occasions with a loved one, where you want to step outside the boundaries for one night, and just let go and have some harmless fun.

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