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Stylish Solid Blue Thick Flare Midi Vintage Dress

Stylish Solid Blue Thick Flare Midi Vintage Dress

Vintage dresses are a classical staple in any woman’s closet. Both womanly and one-of-a-kind vintage dresses can be worn dressed up or dressed down depending upon the coordinating add-ons and finishing touches. Adding accessories to any vintage look can be tricky, however. In most cases, the dress is the central point or stand-alone piece. Wearing flashy or bold accessories with a vintage dress can make the total look cheap, clunky, and sometimes tacky. With the right accessories, any vintage dress can steal the spotlight.

Long and flowing maxi dresses have become more and more popular in recent fashion seasons. Often flowering or bursting with colour, these chic Bohemian-inspired pieces are flattering on most women. Accessorizing a maxi dress can be difficult. With a maxi dress, discreetness in accessories is essential, as to not overshadow the look of the dress. Small silvertone or goldtone bracelets, a delicate infinity circle pendant and classic diamond studs are great ways to accessorize a long maxi dress. Clothing pieces can also accessorize a maxi dress. A cropped solid-colored cardigan, classic denim jean jacket, and gauzy scarf are great pieces that add an accessory-like feel to a maxi dress.

Lace vintage dresses are among the most classic pieces any woman could own. A vintage lace dress invokes a feeling of romanticism and elegance. Pairing jewelry and accessories with lace dresses can be tricky.

The key is to stick to classic and timeless jewelry pieces that complement the look and feel of the dress. Chandelier earrings are one of the most elegant and timeless pieces of jewelry and also pair well with a classic lace shift dress.

A heavily-printed tea dress with a bold floral or colour-blocked theme can quickly go from chic to costume-like if the wrong accessories are paired with it. A long necklace or simple chain can add balance to a funky frock. A large Lucite bangle bracelet in a solid colour adds a touch of whimsy but does not make the look appear as gaudy. A simple pleated clutch or metal mesh evening bag adds a touch of class and rocker-chic style, while not competing with the flashy dress.

Vintage dresses make a woman look and feel powerful, chic, confident, and feminine. When paired with the right accessories, the look is timeless and beautiful. Vintage dressing is done best when paired with jewelry and accessory pieces that have stood the test of time.

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