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Stylish Classic Black White Bandage Cocktail Party Skirt Set

Stylish Classic Black White Bandage Cocktail Party Skirt Set

There is a variety of dress in the clothing store on the streets. The models in the window is also more vivid and more vitality because of a dress. The skirt can best reflect women’s soft temperament. Among them, the dress not only embodies the elegant temperament, but also can present a beautiful posture. A lot of OL can choose dress as a workplace dress as the necessary items. However, how to choose the dress can show the female elegant fashion? This needs according to different figure.
The first is the short and small girls. Chest dress with corset design is very suitable. Relatively speaking, the chest fullness one does not wear these clothes. There is also a magic weapon that is knitted cardigan. Not to wear seriously, unless it is enough short cardigan and can tied up under the chest, this will make your chest visual plump. It also improves your waist, so you become slender.

Second, if you are tall and burly, then you may pay attention to the choice of fabric. Do not select the soft one, which will make you look more stalwart. The simple design is suitable. Do not think to take the lovely line, give the Harpy family, we go the temperament route. The simple clipping and neat structure, match with a presence accessory is OK. Mix and match is no problem, as long as the color is enough clean, simple. The length of the skirt should not be too short; the hobbit’s skirt wear on your body may look like miniskirt. There is an important thing. You must not wear the thin high  heeled. Because that will make us feel that you are bully your shoes, it is very uncomfortable. The rough with Rome shoes very popular this year is suitable for you.
The third is the women with upper body relatively long pants and lower body is short. Wear jeans will show a ridiculous proportion of 5:5, the low waist you not dare to wear, the high waist fear rustic and abdominal bulge. Dress is a single product which you most should prepare a few pieces of. We must select the waist line is high, highlighting the curves of the chest, and skirt length is 10 cm above the knee, without calling attention to your hips.
Generally speaking, girls should selects the embroidered and ruffles, the skirt’s length does not exceed knee. It may reflect a girl’s naive and lovely. Young women buy the dress, the spend grid, stripes or plaid size are available. Vivid and bright colors should be selected. Middle-aged women should reflect a mature and dignified. The choice of color should be emphasis on the plain, and the pursuit of a certain sense of steady. They are more suited to wear cheongsam dress.
Fair-skinned women can choose the light color in the dress; it will look elegant and graceful. People with black skin can choose flowers, grid cloth; the color should not be too deep.
When to buy dress, we may not only accord to face and skin color, but also consider body shape. The style of the dress should fit your own everyday wear, so that you would be more confident.
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