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I am always happy with fashion shows. Each fashion show is unique in its way, I can never say ‘no’ to seeing some new designs in person. Second day on renovated Moscow Fashion Week was more regular to me but not less exciting for me. I couldn’t help myself and went to check new seasonal collections from designer I knew long and well enough to be excited to check the changes – Anastasia Kuchugova (Kuchugova design) and fashion show by Alena Nega which is my second show by her. I didn’t regret going and seeing both shows.

Kuchugova’s fashion show was filled with elegance, fantastic skirts and lovely patterns. The collection was all Jazzy and very hip. I loved the music, it made want to dance.

Alena Nega’s fashion show was super exciting to me. Elegant, darling gowns, not too sexy, not too much. These are dresses I could wear for any event and feel properly dressed.

Saltovets and Pablovsky kids fashion show was as cute as any kids fashion show. Lovely, wearable and full kids charm. I liked more or less adult options as well.

My outfit. It’s the cherry in a pie! I was wearing my new vest. it is from Dropship Dresses store. It is so cozy and comfy. And it looks so very cute. I see it more of winter cozy up item but today I wanted to wear so much I styled it to match the occasion. With long skirt, waist bag and boots it became more outstanding. The quality is fantastic. I just wanted to mention it was very warm so I recommend wearing it during winter days.
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