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Red Erotic Chemise Lingerie Set

Red Erotic Chemise Lingerie Set

These days matching lingerie sets range from sheer lingerie sets to flirty boy shorts options. Matching lingerie sets add style and sex appeal to any look. However, the range of available styles can be a daunting place to start looking and many women really don’t know where to begin. Below is a simple guide to purchasing sheer lingerie sets and other popular styles of matching lingerie.

Sheer Lingerie Matching Sets

Matching sheer lingerie sets definitely set out to create a sexy look. When purchasing these items you should try choosing a bra and panties set in mesh or lace or perhaps a chemise and panties in a sheer nylon fabric. For a bolder and more adventurous look, you might consider a sheer camisole with matching thong or g-string. Sheer lingerie is extremely popular with women today, which makes it easy to create a set that works for you.

Bra and Panty Sets

Matching bra and panties sets are very easy to find. The huge choices for these sets range from sheer lace or fishnet to more exotic lingerie options. Why not consider a velvet set for elegance or a cotton bikini set for flirty good looks and ultimate comfort? Be sure to check out the many online stores which have plenty of styles available now.

Fun and Flirty Matching Sets

If your tastes run more to the fun and flirty than to the risqu, then you will easily find matching lingerie sets that meet your needs. Consider a soft tank top paired with cute boy shorts. Or perhaps you should try cotton bikini panties matched with a halter top or sports bra. It is possible to find matching sets which sport fun patterns or cute logos. This is a fun line of lingerie to choose from.

Exotic Lingerie Matching Sets

If your tastes run on the exotic side, you should consider looking for lingerie sets that are more unique. Corsets or bustiers with matching panties come into this category. Look for fur trim, sequins or other exotic detailing elements on whatever lingerie items you select.

Finding Matching Lingerie Sets

A lot of lingerie is designed and manufactured specifically to be sold in sets. Bras and panties are often sold this way. This is a great way to pick up some matching lingerie quickly and easily. However, if you would like to widen your options, you should consider putting together your own sets instead. Look for pieces that have something in common. Matching colours, design features and trim are just a few of the elements to look for when designing when your own matching lingerie. All these peices are readily available online these days and sometimes are heavily discounted as well.


In order to create your own complete matching lingerie set, you should look for accessories that will compliment the outfit. A sheer wrap in a similar color will add both sex appeal and drama to any lingerie set. For a more flirty look, you may consider a short (mid-thigh or shorter) robe in a jewel tone silk or satin. Don’t forget about shoes. A pair of high heeled bedroom slippers adds a beautiful touch to any matching lingerie set.

Matching lingerie sets are a terrific way to add an element of elegance to your lingerie selection. You have a choice here of purchasing sets that were designed to match or alternatively you could branch out to create your own set. From the sexy elegance of a sheer lingerie set to the flirty comfort of boy shorts, you can always find a set of matching lingerie that is right for you.


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