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You may be all set with your chic winter coat, but it’s the hat that really finishes off your cold-weather look. This season, go beyond the beanie. Easy and chic it may be, but there are tons of alternative hat styles that are super chic and totally easy to wear. The best part is, from wide-brimmed shapes to pom-pom topped caps, a stylish winter hat is the easiest way to instantly take your bundled-up look to the next level. Find our favorites below.

The Wide-Brimmed Hat


Reach for a wide-brimmed wool hat for a chic and interesting shape. Though best in darker tones, don’t be afraid to shop the style in navy, burgundy, and grey in addition to classic black

The Oversized Knit Cap


A twist on the beanie, opt for a slightly chunkier shape with a fold-over knit hat. This style is just as understated and easy to wear as your classic knit topper, but the folded edge gives it a bit more shape ad structure.

The Bold Beret


Channel one of this season’s hottest retro trends with a beret this winter. With a tailored, though slightly slouchy, shape, this winter hat is perfect for your morning commute to work and weekend brunch with friends alike!

The Furry Pom-Pom Hat


Though technically a beanie, the fluffy pom-pom hat is truly next-level awesome. Whimsical and fun, take full advantage of the youthful nature of this trend—the bigger the better.

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