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A majestic masked ball brings the carnival to an end, a festival whose origins date back more than 5000 years and possibly the most celebrated pagan festival in the world. Banquets, dances and dressed in clothes and masks. A period of debauchery, a phase of permissiveness and a certain lack of control, days in which all kinds of excesses were allowed. You had better hold on to your mask and remain anonymous, because the transition from winter to spring will not end until the last musical note closes in a final waltz. The carnival seemed to spread all over Venice, but it’s here between these solemn corridors and imposing statues that the charm of the masks has a special power. Laughter resounds distorted and love murmurs hide behind what one can be for a short period of time. Whatever you want to be. Because life is a carnival, but… will you be able to stay until the end and witness who is behind that beautiful mask?

Vestido/ Dress: Dropship Clothes - Tacones/Heels: Mary Paz

Fotografía por/ Pictures by: Loly

Instagram: La ilusión de Nina

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to my new outfit post! As you can see, we are back on schedule with outfit posts every Monday (at least for now). A lot of things is happening in my life and I am giving my best to stay positive, on schedule and achieving my goals. In the meantime I am exploring jumpsuits as options for special occasion outfits. I hope you are having a good one and I hope you’ll enjoy this post!

I am wearing: Jumpsuit: Dear-lover Clothes Bag: Banggood Heels: Bata Earrings: Dresslily Hair coloring: Ugljessa
Makeup on my eyes: Pixi Beauty   What do you think about jumpsuits in this statement black color my lovelies? Let me know in the comments!   Lots of love, Venoma

   If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll probably know I don’t like paying much for clothes. Or for anything that matter. Don’t get me wrong, I love a shopping spree, but isn’t it just great when you find something in the sale, win a bidding war for something on Ebay or find an amazing piece of clothing in a charity shop? Today I’m here talking to you about occasion wear. I recently was sent this gorgeous Navy Jumpsuit from Dear-lover  and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on. For just £8 this gorgeous Navy Jumpsuit is super soft, stretchy and flattering. I found it also really compliments my shape too. Being a pear-shape I often find myself looking bottom-heavy no matter what I’m wearing. This jumpsuit however makes me look more of an hourglass shape, being figure-hugging from the bottom of the pants up to the waist, then being looser fitting at the top. I wore it off one shoulder today but you can adjust the back making the top half fit more central if that’s more your thing. For £8 I honestly thought this jumpsuit was an absolute steal and something worth sharing. I am thinking of wearing this outfit to a garden partylater this month if the weather behaves, but I would definitely wear this outfit to a more formal event like a wedding or night out even! Make sure you check out some of the Wholesale Dresses too, you’ll find some absolute bargains here.I’ve also searched the internet to find more bargain jumpsuits, scroll to the bottom & thank me later :)

Olive dress


Buonasera a tutti! Come state? Oggi indosso questo abito che potete trovare sul sito Dropship Clothes. Mi piaceva molto abbinare questo abito ad un paio di stivali sopra il ginocchio. Ho completato il tutto con una borsa a tracollo nera e gli accessori. Cosa ne pensate?

Good evening everyone! How are you? Today I wear this dress that you can find on the Dropship Clothes website. I really liked combining this dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots. I completed it all with a black shoulder bag and accessories. What do you think?

Dress – Dropship Clothes
Bag – Amiclubwear
Boots – No brand


Every girl can be compared to a berry. This would all be compared with a juicy cherry, ripe under the rays of the summer sun. This cherry sparkled from the inside and chained all eyes of people to itself, and the aroma was so magical that it was almost impossible to compare with something even closely resembling.
This red dress is right that same cherry.

I really like the rich red and pea print, which is relevant this summer.


The dress itself – dress shirt – is very versatile. I have always avoided the length of the maxi, but in vain – thanks to the buttons, the dress can be worn in different ways. For example, to fasten all the buttons and there will be a more restrained image, but you can undo a few (in my case, a total of 5 buttons are undone), the image comes out relaxed. And I really like how the hem flutters from behind the wind, which at that moment looks more like a train.

To be honest, I was very worried about the material – I was afraid that it would be impossible to wear a dress in the heat. But I’m so glad I was wrong. I had a long and beautiful promenade and I was very comfortable in this dress, it is really comfortable to wear, it does not crease and, for example, ironing the dress takes literally a minute, despite the length of the product. So I now have a great thing for the whole summer.

For the price – on the Dropship website it costs only $ 11! This is just a gorgeous dress for such a little money, I think this is the most pleasant experience of buying things, especially dresses, for such a price. I sincerely share with you, tearing such a pearl from the heart.

cherry-anastasiaburmistrova-6     cherry-anastasiaburmistrova-4     cherry-anastasiaburmistrova-3

    Dropship Dresse | Zaful Bag | Zaful Sunglasses | No name sneakers from Rendez-vous (same and same)