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Fato de banho Dear-Lover | Pulseira Stradivarius | Brincos Safira
Bem vindo setembro!
Um mês cheio de recomeços e coisas boas, mas para mim ainda não é o fim do verão.
Ainda é um mês cheio de bom tempo e temos de aproveitar. Aliás férias em setembro é tudo de bom! Preços mais acessíveis e menos pessoas (só falha nos dias já começarem a ser mais pequenos…).
Este ano descobri um novo amor: fatos de banho!
Conforto e elegância, é o que me transmite. Paguei a minha língua porque há uns anos atrás jurei que nunca ia usar fato de banho, e este ano foram os meus melhores amigos.
Este que vos venho falar hoje é da Dear Lover e é super giro e mega (mas mesmo mega) confortável…
Escolhi este tom meio verde, meio azulado e acho que ficou lindo na minha cor de pele branca-farinha ahah
Ele existe em várias cores e tem um preço muito bom. A qualidade é excelente! Super parecida a uma Tezenis por exemplo.
No site podem encontrar várias peças e uma que me chamou a atenção foi os pijamas, super giros, ora espreita aqui.
Vocês são team bikini ou fato de banho?
wholesale Lavender T-shaped Gold Accessorized Triangle Bikini,Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Lavender T-shaped Gold Accessorized Triangle Bikini

One of the things you’d need to prepare for would be figuring out which swimming outfit to wear to the beach. Now’s the perfect time to make your purchase, when bathing suits are not hot items yet and you’d be sure to score them at a discount. But if you’re tired of wearing store-bought swimwear, you do have the option to make your own. If this is the case, one of the first things you’d have to purchase will be the fabric you will use. Here are some easy tips and guidelines for buying bikini fabric:

Choose your design. Selecting the swimsuit design is perhaps the most fun part of buying bikini fabric. Know of some basic guidelines for choosing prints, patterns and colors that will suit you best. For example, closely-spaced prints and bold patterns are great for areas of your body that you want to emphasize; small prints and subdued hues are recommended for body areas that you want to tone down.

Test the fabric. Once you’ve selected your fabric, make sure that you stretch it taut for a couple of times to see if it is resilient. Do remember that you’d want your bikini fabric to be able to endure a lot: waves, water, heat, and beach sports, among others.  If possible, purchase just a little bit of every type of fabric first, for testing purposes. Once you’ve determined the best fabric for you, then you could be safe buying more of it.

Know which type of fabric to choose. Bikini and swimwear are typically made of spandex, nylon or polyester material. Spandex is great because it is highly resilient material and it easily conforms to the contours of the body. However, it does tend to be more expensive than other types. You could opt for material with combination spandex and nylon or spandex and polyester. Here’s another tip: if you plan on spending most of your swim time in a swimming pool, it’s better for you to purchase fabric with higher polyester content. If you plan on spending more time at the beach, nylon is better (it can better withstand salt water).

Know what else to buy. Apart from the bikini fabric, you’d also need the following materials to construct your bikini: swimsuit lining; durable elastic bands; and matching lightweight cloth so you could make a complementary bikini wrap.

Do remember that the more confident you feel about your appearance, chances are, the more fun you’d have for the summer too! Good luck!


wholesale Rhinestone Studded Edge Bikini Swimwear, Dear-lover

Dear-lover, wholesale Rhinestone Studded Edge Bikini Swimwear

Nowadays, you can get whatever you want with a large range of bikini colors and styles available in the online market. But when it comes to choosing sexy bikini, you had better be more careful.  .

You need to consider the colors of bikinis. You might wish to produce a mix based on what attributes you want to highlight more. Whenever you choose a bikini, it’s essential that you should avoid thong ones. The objective from the string is to ensure the interest will be drawn upwards for your figure. This implies that you need to select plus size bikinis that offer ample covering for the physique.

As if Wholesale Bikini Swimwear could not be any more exposing, they’ve produced unique micro bikinis that may be noticed via when taking a look at the person who’s wearing it in the correct angle. A few of these bikinis also expose the physique, causing lots of controversy on whether individuals ought to be wearing them in public places. Nevertheless, if you would like to show off your stuff, these kinds of bikinis would be the correct swimwear for you.

When trying on a bikini to ensure that it doesn’t ride up by walking about, sitting, jumping or performing some activities that you believe you’ll do wearing your bikini. Ensure that it doesn’t hang in your hips loosely and that the fabric doesn’t type a bunch in your buttocks.

In a word, it’s extremely essential to obtain a properly-fitted bikini if you want to flaunt your very best figure. Hence, keep in mind all the factors when choosing a sexy bikini. Have fun on the beach in this summer.

Drop by our online store  for a close look at the wholesale sexy bikinis with reasonable prices. If you do not want to show a lot of skin to others, then you can just turn to our Wholesale Cover-ups which will meet your needs.


Clothes are very important for people because they make people look great. People make their first impression on others with their looks and their behavior. People who wear nice clothes can easily get noticed by other people. People who do not have good dressing sense often find it difficult to impress others. It is important for people to dress well if they wish to be confident. In most cases, people who do not wear comfortable and nice clothes are not comfortable for themselves.
People should put on different clothes for going outside and for staying at home. When people stay at home, they like to wear the most casual clothes. Men often like to wear only boxers when they are home. Women have many options when it comes to purchasing clothes for wearing at home. People spend an amount of money in purchasing clothes for wearing at home. Women pay a lot of attention to their looks and they wish to look good all the time. Therefore, they choose their clothes very carefully.
Women who are planning to go on a holiday where they will be strolling on beaches might be looking for sexy bikinis for them. Women can wear wonderful bikinis for them from online stores. There are numerous online stores which sell a wide range of such clothes for women. Women will be able to get clothes of any brand online. Dear Lover is a reliable brand, you can have a feast of your eyes on the various types of bikinis in our shop. Maybe you can appreciate the Refreshing Fringe Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit White, we are sure you will like it.

There are a lot of people who prefer to wear a pyjama when they are home. If you are looking for comfortable clothes which you can wear at home then you can get them easily online. People often have less time for shopping as they stay busy in their jobs and business. Therefore, people save their time by purchasing clothes and other things online.
Swimming is a recreational activity. A lot of people like to swim for decreasing their weight and to stay active. While people swim, they need to wear Swimwear so that they can swim in a perfect manner. Women who love to swim might be searching for Swimwear. Swimwear is also sold at various online stores.
More and more people enjoy shopping their clothes online because it is very convenient to purchase things online. Moreover, people often get a discount when they buy things online.

Refreshing Fringe Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit White

Refreshing Fringe Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit White

The best abode to appearance off your fresh bikini is on the beach. Beaches all about the apple accept women antic this blazon of China Swimwear Manufacturer. Even during the Grecian Era, women athletes were apperceive to abrasion bikinis back agreeable in sports.

Spot That Bikini. Though it is accessible to atom a bikini, it is authentic as a bathing clothing that consists of two abstracted parts, they appear in altered colors, styles, and materials. The top allotment covers the breast breadth while the basal conceals the beam area. The average part, the abdomen added or less, is revealed. Basically, the bikini is underwear that is acclimated for swimming. This blazon of swimsuit is a woman’s beneath with added (or less) detail to it and it is the best accepted best for women’s beachwear.

Types. Like the adage goes, it’s not the clothes but the one cutting it and this additionally applies to bikinis. Depending on how the wearer advisers it, a bikini can either be adventuresome or conservative. There are some bikinis that leave little to the brainstorm while addition affectionate of bikini, a tankini, is agnate to cutting a spaghetti band shirt.

Beach bikinis were fabricated accepted during the 1960s by a song, and a few movies. It became an iconic attribute for attractiveness afterwards Ursula Andress sported one in a James Bond movie. The bikini can be absolutely revealing; however, it is additionally about adequate to wear. Best women adopt two-piece bathe apparel because you do not accept to booty off the accomplished clothing to go to the bathroom. Plus, it additionally makes a more good tan line.