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What can I tell you about this dress! That it has been a gratifying (and wonderful) surprise to celebrate that the days of almost summer have come to stay.This is already the second favorite red dress of the year that arrives in my closet. The first you can remember here and you will see that even though they match in color they are night and day.

vestido rojo midi cuerpo nido de abeja

What do I like about this dress? I like its value for money (it costs less than ten euros and it does not have anything to envy to the dresses that can triple its price in any physical store to use), I like its body honeycomb that adapts to perfection and feel great I like that it has inner lining, that it has a fall with a lot of movement and I love the detail of the steering wheel in the bass that is the maximum tendency.

The reality is that I could have worn it with some converse and also with a maxi heel. But I decided to release it for a busy afternoon of various tasks and this was the option that I considered more practical: comfortable sandals, maxi carrycot, bow with vintage handkerchief to pick up my mini hair and my favorite cat eye glasses for any red look that tertiary.

vestido con vuelo rojo blogger vestido rojo midi con vuelo

What do you think about the dress? It’s from Dropship Clothes and you can find it here.
They also have many wonderful dresses for this summer (Dropship Dresses) and a Big Sale that may be of interest to you.

What do you think about the look? Do you like it? Do you wear to wear vintage scarfs as headbands?
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